Her Majesty said she understands….

Been far too busy this weekend, even to think about England. I’m working on another movie and backing up this blog to WordPress again (thanks for the reminder, Helen and libhom).

How to:

Setup a WordPress.com site, if you haven’t already.
From the WordPress dashboard, go into Manage -> Import. Select Blogger.
Go through the prompts to authorize access to your Blogger site.
Choose your blog and click the ‘Import’ button. It shows you the progress of importing posts and comments.

Finally, if you just can’t get enough Blue Gal, I also did the round up for Mike this morning. And I’ll have my contribution to Blogroll Amnesty Day tomorrow.

Skype Salon tonight. Hope to see you there.


Salon tonight but No Tengrain?

It’s not the same without Tengrain from Mock, Paper, Scissors at Salon, but oy it looks like he’s going to have a rather scary medical procedure done today.

I wish you well, Ten.

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Pajamas Media? I’m still not bored with the buh-bye.

While we lefty bloggers corpse-hump Pajamas Media before the burial, I just have to laugh at the claims made by the mourners.

Pammy seems too easy a target…oh what the hell. No linky, but you know where to go for the giggles:

Soros, Hollywood libtards and Google-type asshats embarrassingly fund the leftwing sites vis a vis Moveon.org et al, the right has none of that. None. We live on fumes.

Got that, fellow lefty bloggers? You and I live on Soros/MoveOn largesse! Where’s my check?

Off topic: Am I the only one who can’t understand why media thinks Michelle Obama is economizing by decorating via Pottery Barn? I love me some Michelle Obama, but every table in my living room came from the GOOD WILL.

And I hear fellow blogger Arianna Huffington is so broken up about the economy she took only Barbara Ehrenreich books on her Kindle to Davos.

But dang, I agree with Pammy: right wing blogs live on fumes. Ahem.

Then I get an email that says we left-wing political bloggers should be, ahem again, worried about our business models. No, really. Apparently SOME bloggers may not be able to pay their hosting service and might have to [GOD NO!] move back to Blogspot or WordPress!!!


I have no idea why any single shingle blogger would leave a free hosting service. It’s vanity, pure blog botox, to think you need your own dot com.

Here’s my business model: political blogging is ART. There will be a few who can support themselves doing it, but the vast majority blog because it calls them, and those who put the business model ahead of art are either talentless hacks or FUCKING SELLOUTS.

We are living in an age of really rapid change, and not all of it’s going to be good for left-wing blogs.

The lefty bloggers whose only paintbrush was anti-Bush are fading fast. Addiction to outrage will never be fed by the dispassionate wonks of the current administration. But remember citizens of Leftsylvania, we still have old media to kick around. At this writing, I’m watching George Fucking Stephanopolous tell Barney Frank he doesn’t want to talk about the cost of the Iraq War, but we do need to talk about how we’re gonna pay for the stimulus! I’m outraged! Mmmm..outrage. I’m bullish on the outrage surplus! We just have to know where to look.


You owe me new panties, cause you made me pee in mine. Pffft.

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Saturday Song

Sorry for the late post. I blame Rush.

I actually listened to Rush Limbaugh’s radio show for five full minutes, and after sitting on the couch and having a good cry, I’m ready to write again.

Shorter Limbaugh Today: “What got us out of the Great Depression, and I know this absolutely positively for certain with every fiber of my being because I was there, was Ronald Reagan’s tax cuts for the wealthiest individuals.”


Third in a series, obviously.

Bush, Kristol, and now Blago. They’re like children to me: picking a favorite [out on your ass forever] is so hard!

Overheard at Drinking Liberally in Springfield, Illinois tonight (really)

“If Fitzgerald is smart, he’ll ask for a change of venue to Wasilla.”

Blago did what he intended to do: poison the criminal trial jury pool for all eternity.

Don’t let the door hitcha.